Are you sick of suffering without finding the cause of your health problems?

NUCCA Chiropractic Laval QB

NUCCA upper cervical orthogonal chiropractic is a different method. This method focuses directly on the cause of a lot of symptoms.

The alignment between your head and the rest of your body influences all your vital functions as your heart rate, your blood pressure, your digestion, your level of awareness or sleepiness, all the muscles which keep you standing up, etc.

Centre Kiro Spécifik’s three-step method (Neurological, Muscular, Skeletal) is a precise, gentle and non-invasive technique.

Chiropractor established in Laval and Saint-Jérôme for many years, Dr Mikaël Reney can help you get your alignment back and the joy of feeling better day by day.

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Precision is the cornerstone of NUCCA chiropractic care. This precision is reflected everywhere in our clinic, as taking radiographs, analyzing those radiographs, patient follow-up, and in the NUCCA correction itself.

No audibles, no quick thrusts

The audibles, called cavitations, are not necessary when performing a chiropractic adjustment, and the NUCCA correction doesn’t create an audible. If you don’t like audibles, you will like the NUCCA adjustment. It is done at the top of the neck, in a gentle manner, without performing a quick thrust, ensuring precision and comfort.

Digital X-ray - 3D Adjustment

Centre Kiro Spécifik is equipped with a very recent digital x-ray system which lets us analyze your radiographs on a computer system. The NUCCA correction is tri-dimensional. The angle of the NUCCA correction comes from a mathematical vectorial analysis from the digital radiographs.

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