A Natural, Long-Lasting Solution for Fibromyalgia


natural-long-lasting-solution-for-fibromyalgiaApproximately 4 million adults in the United States suffer from fibromyalgia. But its effects touch more lives than that. Because the main symptom of fibromyalgia is widespread pain throughout the body, those with fibromyalgia are often prevented from being able to do their day-to-day activities. Going to work, doing housework, playing with children, and spending time with family and friends can be hindered by fibromyalgia. Not only the sufferer but also their family, friends, and coworkers have their lives affected by this painful condition.

The most well-known symptoms of fibromyalgia are listed below:

  • Pain throughout the body – fibromyalgia sufferers experience a widespread, constant dull achiness throughout their bodies.
  • Fatigue – people with fibromyalgia have trouble sleeping. They may wake up feeling like they hadn’t slept at all, or they may have fitful nights disturbed by pain or restless legs.
  • Unability to focus or remember – sometimes referred to as “fibro fog”, cognitive difficulties faced by people with fibromyalgia include poor concentration, focus, and memory.

Fibromyalgia and Pain Perception

The central nervous system in people with fibromyalgia perceives pain differently than it does in people who do not have fibromyalgia. The central nervous system consists of the spinal cord, brainstem, and brain. It is so vital to your life and proper function that it is protected by bone (your spine and your skull). However, if the vertebrae of your spine are misaligned in any way, they could be putting pressure on the spinal cord and brainstem. This can affect the way that the brain perceives pain. If the relay of messages from the nerves to the brain is being interrupted or distorted by misaligned vertebrae, the result can be the development of various health conditions, including fibromyalgia.

How Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care Can Help

Upper cervical chiropractors focus on healing and maintaining health in their patients through the proper alignment of the two uppermost vertebrae of the neck, the atlas (C1) and axis (C2). These two vertebrae are very important when it comes to the overall health of the body because of the effect that they can have on the function of the central nervous system. They have the responsibility of holding up the weight of the head, providing the head with an impressive range of motion, and protecting the brainstem.

Signals from nerves all over the body pass through the brainstem on their way to the brain. If the atlas and axis vertebrae are not in their proper alignment, they can put pressure on the brainstem and negatively affect the communication of signals within the central nervous system. Fibromyalgia can develop in a situation such as this because the nervous system is not functioning correctly due to the vertebrae hindering the brainstem and distorting the messages being sent. However, studies have shown that correcting the alignment of the vertebrae can be a natural, long-lasting solution for fibromyalgia.

The following are summaries of several case studies in which upper cervical care helped patients heal from their fibromyalgia:

  • A 32-year-old woman experienced a complete remission of her fibromyalgia symptoms after having her atlas alignment corrected with upper cervical chiropractic care. Prior to her recovery, she had experienced 2 years of constant pain, depression, and periods of being bed-ridden.
  • A 31-year-old woman had been suffering from constant back pain, tiredness, depression, shooting pain in her legs, 3 to 4 headaches per week, depression, and digestive issues. Through upper cervical care, she was able to stop using all her pain medications. She was able to start exercising again by running and going to the gym.
  • A 45-year-old woman had an 11-year history of fibromyalgia. Her symptoms included migraines, chronic neck and back pain, sciatica, depression, and ulcers. Within her first 6 months of upper cervical chiropractic care, she no longer needed her wheelchair. She was able to do all her daily tasks without assistance and sleep through the night in a variety of positions. She reported increased energy levels, no need for medication, and no more headaches. At the end of her relief plan, she was able to swim, walk longer distances, and take care of house and yard-work without any pain.

These case study results are included here to give hope to those who are currently suffering with fibromyalgia. Upper cervical chiropractic care can make a big difference in your health and healing from fibromyalgia.

At Center Kiro Spécifik, we perform a detailed analysis to determine if upper cervical chiropractic care would be a beneficial relief option for you. If we determine that you do have a misalignment in the upper cervical vertebrae, we develop a relief plan specifically tailored to your situation. Because of the detailed measurements that we take, we can use an adjustment technique that is gentle and very effective. Our technique usually enables the body to hold the correct alignment in place longer than regular chiropractic techniques. And when the vertebrae maintain their correct alignment longer, your body has more time to heal itself and function at an optimal level. Call us today to see if upper cervical care can help you find freedom from your fibromyalgia pain.




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