You are an existing patient of our clinic

You have three choices to make a regular appointment at the clinic:
  • Through the online booking platform
  • By email at
  • By phone at 450-668-8777

    If your last appointment is more than 2 years old or your email is not up to date in your file, you will need to use the last 2 options.

  • Book an appointment

    You are a new patient to our clinic

    Do you want to book a first appointment at Centte Kiro Spécifik ?

    Here is the course of the first 3 visits to our clinic:

    1st visit : Teleconsultation with Dr. Mikaël Reney, chiropractor.

    This appointment is made exclusively on our website. You must choose a time for your teleconsultation on our online booking platform. By the time we meet, you will have a health questionnaire to fill out online.

    On the day of your teleconsultation, you can use the Zoom link that we will send you or meet by phone.

    2nd visit: Initial examination at the Laval clinic

    This 2nd meeting will be held in the presence at the Laval clinic. Nothing prevents you from already planning it by calling us at 450-668-8777 or by email at, but not by the online platform.

    This meeting includes a postural and orthopedic examination, as well as a digital NUCCA radiographic examination. Detailed biomechanical analysis of X-rays is also included in the price.

    3rd visit : First adjustment at the Laval clinic

    This 3rd visit is also done in Laval, because of the radiographic examination. You can also schedule this appointment before your 1st meeting either by phone or email.

    During this visit, Dr. Reney will begin by explaining your radiographs and your first adjustment. Then you will receive your first NUCCA adjustment. This 1st adjustment will be followed by a post-adjustment NUCCA radiographic examination to ensure the effectiveness of the correction protocol. We should see a correction of at least 50% on these X-rays.

    Book your 1st appointment