8 Natural Alternatives for Vertigo Relief


As a long-time vertigo chiropractor in Laval, I’ve done extensive research on the best natural forms of relief for vertigo symptoms. I’ve seen how some of my patients suffer from this debilitating condition, and I’ve dedicated years to finding possible solutions.    In this article, you will read about eight natural alternatives that could help alleviate vertigo symptoms.     Canalith … Read More

New Medication for Migraines vs. Natural Care in Laval, QC

Migraines are now the 3rd most prevalent illness around the globe. When a migraine hits, most people are unable to perform their daily activities. This neurological condition is incapacitating and comes along with: Throbbing head pain, usually one sided Sensitivity to light, sound, and odors Nausea and vomiting Visual disturbances Because it is becoming such a common condition, researchers are on the move … Read More

A Close Look at Migraines – How to Find Natural Relief

Migraines seem to be quite common in today’s stressful world, but don’t mistake them for being a normal part of life. Doctors and researchers agree migraines should not happen, and they are not sure why they do occur. A migraine is neurological in origin and can rob one of many of the joys of life while coping with it. Is it Really … Read More

Meniere’s Disease Linked to Previous Head Trauma

Meniere’s disease is named after the French physician, Prosper Meniere, who first labeled the illness in 1861. It a disorder of the inner ear and often related to how the fluid of the ear sends signals to the brain about the location of the body. If the fluid has changed in volume or part of the ear is swollen or … Read More

Top Ten Ways of Finding Vertigo Relief Naturally


Vertigo is a symptom of many types of vestibular disorders and other health conditions.  When a person is experiencing a vertigo episode, they might describe it as feeling dizzy, spinning, whirling, tilting, swaying, or off-balance.  Vertigo sufferers can also experience headaches, migraines, changes in their hearing, nausea, and abnormal movement of the eyes.  If you are experiencing vertigo and are … Read More