Functional medicine is somewhat the work of a medical detective, in order to find a cause to a symptom you’ve had for a while, without finding any answer to its root.

When the cause has been found, the follow-up consists to change some life habits, including what you eat, to modify that cause and change the function of your body.

Some products will probably be recommended to take during your functional medicine follow-up. Some can be found in natural health food stores, others through the internet. If you have some Metagenics products to buy, you can go through this link to order some through our account with Metagenics :


For now, functional medicine consultations are only offered to Centre Kiro Spécifik’s existing patients.


Metagenics, a well-renowned natural supplementation company, especially for functional medicine, can only sell their products through health professionals.

Metagenics is a pharmaceutical-grade company, meaning she has a triple-GMP standard (Good Manufacturing Process), which insures through 3 external organisations that the product you are buying contains what is written on the bottle, in the amount declared and answer to the strictest norms in terms of putrity and quality.

Instructions for inscriptions on  KIRO.META-EHEALTH.COM (if this is your first time ordering Metagenics products through us)

  1. On KIRO.META-EHEALTH.COM website, click on the blue button Register Here
  2. On the next page, fill out the form (you only have to fill out the starred items), and click Register at the bottom of the page.
  3. You are now registered with Metagenics, you can place your first online order, simply follow the instructions. If you know the name of the product you need, use the alphabetical order, it will be easier to find.