A To-Do List for Daily Fibromyalgia Care

fibromyalgia chiropractor in Laval

For people with fibromyalgia, living with and caring for the condition are extremely difficult jobs since fibromyalgia comes with many other health issues that make the chronic pain feel much worse. That’s what I am here for as a fibromyalgia chiropractor in Laval, Quebec. I want to share this handy checklist I’ve made to help anyone with this chronic pain … Read More

A Natural, Long-Lasting Solution for Fibromyalgia


Approximately 4 million adults in the United States suffer from fibromyalgia. But its effects touch more lives than that. Because the main symptom of fibromyalgia is widespread pain throughout the body, those with fibromyalgia are often prevented from being able to do their day-to-day activities. Going to work, doing housework, playing with children, and spending time with family and friends … Read More

A Better Night’s Sleep with Fibromyalgia is Possible


Fibromyalgia is best known for the widespread pain and stiffness throughout the muscles and joints of the body, but there are many other symptoms that fibromyalgia sufferers are faced with day to day.  Among them are difficulties with sleep, and the combination of pain and sleep disturbances can cause a vicious cycle with the pain making sleep more difficult and … Read More